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Dinosaur Dreaming

Inverloch is the Victorian coastal town near which the Dinosaur Dreaming site is located. About 145 kilometres (ninety minutes drive) from Melbourne, Inverloch is a very civilised place from which to do field research.

The site is a rocky shore platform called Flat Rocks, about five minutes' drive from the township on a stretch of coast favoured by surfers and fishing enthusiasts. This is where the Cretaceous mammal, Ausktribosphenos nyktos, was found in March 1997.

In summer, it's warm and inviting; in winter, wild and dramatic. Guess when field work is done...

For latest updates on work at the fossil site take a look at the Dinosaur Dreaming Blog.

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Our 20th Field season starts 2 february 2013

It is with regret that we announce the closure of the Monash Science Centre, at the Monash University Clayton campus. The MSC, together with Museum Victoria, has been the home of Dinosaur Dreaming for 20 years and its support will be greatly missed. However, the MSC will live on in spirit in the form of "Prime Sci", which will continue the proud tradition of delivering science based lessons to primary schools throughout Victoria.

Dinosaur Dreaming is celebrating its 20th annual field season this year, making it the longest running dinosaur dig in Australia. Since annual digs began in 1994 many thousands of Early Cretaceous fossil bones and teeth have been excavated from Dinosaur Dreaming's prime site near Inverloch, on the Bass Coast of Victoria.

 The Dinosaur Dreaming crew will be returning to the Flat Rocks site on Saturday 2nd February for a 3 week field season. More than 50 volunteers from all walks of life, with a shared passion for fossils, will continue the excavations of previous years, in the hope of uncovering more exciting discoveries. In the last 19 years the site has yielded evidence of three groups of primitive mammals as well as at least six different types of dinosaurs, including three taxa of theropod or meat-eating dinosaurs.

Visitors are welcome to come and watch the Dinosaur Dreaming crew at work. The site is located near The Caves, approximately 6kms south of Inverloch on the Inverloch-Cape Paterson road. Check tide times before setting out as the site is within the inter-tidal zone and only accessible 3-4 hours either side of low tide.

New website for Dinosaur Dreaming Field site

The Dinosaur Dreaming Field site has a new website located at

2012 Field Update

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