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Monash University


The Dinosaur Dreaming 2009 field season began on the 1st February and ended on the 28th February. The focus of our season centred on the area known as “Bridge East”, which is situated at the most easterly end of the fossil layer, closest to the sea. As usual, this gave us a number of logistical problems, including the regular inundation of the site each time the tide came in. However, we had a very enthusiastic group of volunteers who were ready to literally “man” the pumps each day and work as fast as we could until the tide reclaimed the site.

We still managed to catalogue over 500 fossil bones and teeth during the four week field season, which is a remarkable achievement considering we only had an average of 4-5 hours per day access to the fossil layer.

Below are some of the highlights of that 2009 field season:

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setting up the pumps
Setting up the pumps
equal opportunity dig
Equal opportunity dig
learning on the job
Learning on the job

digging out a big block
Excavating a big block
breaking rock
Breaking rock
tide coming in
Tide coming in

one days haul
One days haul of fossils
breaking rock in the backyard
Breaking rock in the backyard
the setup for breaking rock in the backyard
The setup for breaking rock in the backyard

Dave in the shed
David Pickering preparing fossils at the dig house